PSX24W 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs

PSX24W 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Carifex Fog light 2504 LED Fog Light Bulb
PSX24W 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs
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PSX24W 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs

PSX24W 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs

 400% brighter than standard halogen bulbs!

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Experience the Illumination Power of Carifex Super Bright 2504 LED Fog Light Bulbs!

Enter the world of Carifex's Super Bright 2504 LED Fog Light bulbs - a beacon of brilliance in the realm of automotive lighting! These fog lights are intensely luminous, your dependable ally in navigating fog-shrouded landscapes. These specialty lights pierce through the densest fog, shedding light on the path ahead and significantly enhancing your safety during foggy sojourns.

Carifex Super Bright 2504 LED Fog Lights: An Epitome of Enhanced Visibility

The Super Bright 2504 LED Fog Lights by Carifex are meticulously designed to offer superior visibility amidst fog and misty conditions. Emitting a broad, dense, and flat beam of light, these fog lights minimize glare and fog reflection, unlike conventional headlights. This feature facilitates a clearer view of the roadway, ensuring safer navigation during challenging weather conditions.

Illuminate the Fog with Carifex Super Bright 2504 Fog Lights

The Super Bright 2504 fog light bulbs from Carifex are renowned for their exceptional luminosity. They pave your way through the fog, illuminating the road on even the most fog-laden days. These Carifex lights are engineered to guarantee they don't cause disturbance to other drivers. With Carifex's Super Bright 2504 LED Fog Lights, you're investing in safety, extraordinary brightness, and unparalleled fog-piercing ability in one exceptional package!

Key Benefits of Our Premium LED Fog Lights:

  1. Exceptional Brightness & Clarity: Boasting an impressive 6000K color temperature and 1100 lumens, these LED fog lights produce bright, clear, and focused illumination, ensuring maximum visibility on both sides of the road, making your drive safer and more enjoyable.

  2. Advanced Technology for Peak Performance: Our best fog lights are crafted from premium alloy and ABS materials, which not only guarantee durability but also improve heat dissipation. This cutting-edge design ensures optimal performance while consuming minimal energy, providing a perfect upgrade for your vehicle.

  3. Incredible Lifespan of Over 60,000 Hours: With an outstanding lifespan of at least 60,000 hours, these fog lights will last you for years—even if you use them all day, every day! Their superior quality and longevity make them a fantastic long-term investment for your car's lighting needs.

  4. All-Weather Reliability: Rated IP67, these top LED fog lights are designed to withstand both water and dust, offering flawless operation in all weather conditions, from heavy rain to dusty roads. However, please note that they should not be submerged in water.

  5. Perfect DRL Replacement Set: If you're looking for the ideal DRL replacement set on the market, look no further. These fog lights are designed to be the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle, enhancing your driving experience in any weather.

Product Specifications:

  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Chip Assembly Type: SMD
  • Wattage: 50W
  • Light Source: LED
  • Led Beam Type: Spot
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Lumen: Approx. 1000 lumens per bulb
  • Application: Strictly fog driving lights; NOT recommended for use as headlights
  • Protection Rate: IP65 Rated (Water and Dust Seal)

Please Note:

  • These fog lights are not intended for use as headlight replacements.
  • For some vehicles, a load resistor or decoder may be required to prevent error codes or fast blinking.

Package Contents:

  • 2 x High Power 50W LED Fog Lights

Upgrade your vehicle's fog lights today and transform your driving experience with crystal-clear visibility in any weather conditions. Don't compromise on safety and performance – add these powerful High Power 50W LED Fog Lights to your cart NOW and enhance your vehicle's lighting capabilities!


We want the best for you. And so, we opted for the latest non-integrated fanless design to provide you with a compact and silent pair of headlights that provide unmatched performance. Perfect for your trucks, sedans, SUVs, and all other vehicles that tickle your fancy.


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