Life Time Warranty

Lifetime Warranty Disclaimer for Compact LED Headlights

  1. Warranty Coverage: This lifetime warranty applies exclusively to our Compact LED Headlights. The warranty guarantees that these headlights will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the entire lifespan of the product under normal use and conditions.

  2. Product Discontinuation: Please be aware that the Compact LED Headlights are subject to eventual discontinuation. Upon the release of our new model, the Pro-Fit LED Headlights, the Compact LED Headlights will be officially discontinued.

  3. Limitation on New Models: It is important for customers to understand that this lifetime warranty does not extend to the Pro-Fit LED Headlights or any future models. The warranty is specific to the Compact LED Headlights only.

  4. Warranty Services for Discontinued Products: In the event that the Compact LED Headlights are discontinued, we will continue to honor the lifetime warranty for these products as long as supplies and parts are available. However, this warranty will not provide for a replacement with the new Pro-Fit LED Headlights or any other newer models.

  5. Customer Service Commitment: We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this warranty, our customer service team is available to assist you.