Carifex Compact LED Headlights

Carifex Compact LED Headlights

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Carifex Compact LED Headlights

Carifex Compact LED Headlights

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Better Visibility

Carifex's affordable LED headlights are your best bet for improved visibility in low-light conditions. The premium LED bulbs on these headlights will brighten the road ahead of you to give you a clear and complete view of oncoming traffic even at night.

Plug and Play LED Headlights

Avoid silly and annoying electrical problems including overheating and shorting when you opt for our high-performing plug-and-play LED headlights. With Carifex premium LED lights, you no longer have to bother about routine changes or periodic refit operations.

Enhanced Beam Pattern (Not Blinding Oncoming Traffic )

Proper lighting doesn't just help you see better, it ensures other road users can also clearly see you too. Although these LED headlights provide a greater range of illumination, they are, however, focused down towards the road, allowing you to spot approaching vehicles from far away without binding other drivers. Avoid all kinds of collisions when you fit our premium LED lights on your vehicle.

See More Clearly at Night

Switch to our powerful super-focused bright LED lights and save yourself the stress of headaches and migraines that come from straining your eyes to see better at night. Carifex LED lights are 400 times brighter than regular headlights, giving you daytime vision even when the sun has gone to sleep. 

Compact Design to Fit All Vehicles

We want the best for you. And so, we opted for the latest non-integrated fanless design to provide you with a compact and silent pair of headlights that provide unmatched performance. Perfect for your trucks, sedans, SUVs, and all other vehicles that tickle your fancy.

Extended Lifespan

With 30,000 hours of life on each bulb, we can confidently guarantee that these will be the last pair of LED headlights you ever buy - unless you get a new car. Each pair of waterproof headlights is outfitted with thermal management technology and has been rigorously tested to guarantee longer-lasting illumination.

Our LED headlights are available in bundle deals that include both passenger and driver's side headlights, so you can upgrade both sides of your vehicle at once. The bundle deals allow you to enjoy the improved visibility and modern, stylish look on both sides of your car or truck. With their advanced LED technology and long lifespan, our headlights are the perfect upgrade for any vehicle. Order now and enjoy improved visibility, a sleek look, and energy efficiency on the road.


Our premium quality bulb package - sold in pairs! This convenient set includes two identical bulbs, perfect for both the driver's and passenger's side of your vehicle. Say goodbye to uneven illumination and enjoy a well-balanced and symmetrical look. With our bulbs, you'll only need to make one purchase to replace both of your car's lights, saving you time and effort. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting today with our high-quality bulb pairs!


  • Wattage: 35W
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • LED Chip: Supercharged CREE LED chip
  • Lumens (brightness): 6,000 per bulb
  • Color Temps: 6000K
  • Installation Time: 30mins or less!
  • Direct Fitment: Same Plugs as factory/OEM
  • Base & Fan Design: Solid aluminum casing
  • Locking Tab Design: Same as OEM
  • Warranty : 12 months After Sale Support.