Electric cars saved me tons!
Electric cars saved me tons!

We all hear about the graciousness of electric cars, how Elon’s got drivers checking their makeup on the highway, or summoning your car to avoid getting your feet drenched in a puddle.

Whatever the reason is, the real question is do electric cars save you money?

To be fair, the answer to that question really does depend on you, I mean you don’t wanna spend 70k on an electric car when you barely spend 10k a year on petrol, that’s not gonna save you money, but give you a more luxurious ride and an awesome flex.

The basic

An electric-powered vehicle cost much more to make than a gasoline-powered one, so in that sense, it will cost more to purchase one, but if you’re spending near nothing on electric or even getting your car charged up for free avoiding to spend tons on gas weekly you could be laughing with a wadded up wallet, they also move much more quietly than gas or diesel, you could practically sneak up on someone.

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Save more than gas

In almost all cases, yes, having an electric car will save you much more money on fuel, this comes down to the electric you’re paying being cheaper than the gas you pay for to even getting a free charge at the town, however, the amount that could be saved varies on where you live and how much you spend, You may not even have a charging station near you, have this planned out before purchasing, so you'll know if it is a better option for you.

Which electric car?

The world of electricity has expanded, and your choice has been spoiled, from splashing on a BMW I8 to playing smart with a tesla model 3, you can have comfort and coolness or a speedster that impresses.

The best affordable electric car is said to be the Kia e-Niro, ranging around $40,000, it's a very family-friendly car and is suitable for all road, it is said that it matches the Tesla model 3 but lacks the price tag.

You can travel 230 miles comfortably on one charge, it is roomier than most EV (electric vehicle) and can be more sophisticated than most.

Cars in this price range include Volkswagen ID 3, which is similar to the Kia e-Niro but not as family-friendly, the Mini electric and Nissan leaf, which is arguably the best EV out there now

The best

The top of the shelf all-electric is the Porsche taycan starting from $90,000, it charges in half the time as a Tesla Model S, and hits 62 mph in 3.2 seconds, that’s some acceleration and speed. It also brakes better than you would expect, you’ll be loving a smooth ride behind the steering wheel and futuristic dashboard.

After that, the tesla model S would hit the second, acting even more futuristic and possibly more sophisticated


Aside from the fact that you can charge your car almost anywhere, and you can move anywhere silently, electric cars are getting more advanced by the day; you can have a seamless connection to your phone and receive and reply to your notifications, enabling you to play music or text back friends easily.

Cars like the tesla feature cruise control, allowing the car to drive itself, you can even summon the tesla to your location from the app on your phone, or set your car’s temperature from that app.

Electric cars are becoming more advanced and features like these will continue to expand as EVs evolve.

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