Car Life HACKS
Car Life HACKS

There are many efficient hacks and methods you can use to not only make your car consistently flawless in both its design and performance. They are simple and require little to no time or resource.

Shiny headlights

You don’t wanna struggle in the dark, make sure you can see ahead at all times and that your headlights are in good working order.

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The best way to keep your headlights bright and shining are to just rub a little toothpaste on them and wipe them shiny clean, a little bit of water and a cloth for a few scrubs should remove any oxidize and restore them.

Temporary window crack

You don’t wanna make that crack in your window worse or bigger, until you get it fixed, make sure you wipe any dirt on or around the crack and seal it by placing a layer or acrylic nail polish on top, this should ensure the crack doesn’t widen or become worse.

Easy air freshener

If you don’t wanna spend on car air freshener or hate that it obstructs your view and becomes a little eyesore?

Well, a very cheap and effortless way it to spray pieces or dryer and keep them in the pockets of your car, you’d be surprised at how well it works and easy it is to maintain


Surprisingly, what's good for your hair also happens to be what’s good for your car.

If you wanna give it that shiny, out the door new look, simply wash and wipe your car with soap, water and conditioner. Yes, that’s right, conditioner can make your car gleam and look good enough to drive around town.

Pet hair

Does your pet leave a crazy mess of hair all over your seats after that visit to the pets?

Luckily, there’s an easy solution; simply wear rubber gloves and rub the hair on the seat until it clumps, then simply discard the clumps, easy!

Cereal box

You might’ve heard this one before, that’s because it's such a smart and brilliant idea, if you have any cereal boxes or container, you can use to to gather up any trash in your car leave it in there till it fills up like a trash can and throw away after use!

Your car will always be tidy

Loose change

Throwing your loose change onto the dashboard and cupholder can get messy and annoying, especially when you need it but you can’t find it.

It’s smarter to dedicate a cup or a gum container to hold them, this way you’ll always have a track of it and can give out your tips on time. 


Installing a shoe organiser or a remote control caddy will help you organise your items and keep them all within reach, you can place it behind the front seats or so they’ll hang off the seat

Heavy load

Attaching a net inside the car off the roof handles gives you a lot of overhead storage space, this is useful for DIY trips or when taking a lot into your car.

Minor dents

Dents are the worse. But you could get lucky and avoid paying anything by pouring warm soapy water on the dent and pulling at it with a plunger, removing that dent without any hassle or money would be the best feeling.


If you have corrosion on your batteries terminal, the easiest way to remove it is to pour soda onto it, this should remove it and ensure you don’t have problems with it. Having a battery issue can defect on the road and leave you stranded.

Temporary paint job

Scratched your car? Or a little bit of paint rubbed off?

No worries until you do get an actual paint job you can cover it with nail polish, just make sure you buy the matching colour for your temporary job.

Tyre traction on ice

It may seem a bit odd, but placing cat litter below your tyres route will improve its traction, just like grit salt, so if you’re ever stuck in a tight spot and your tyres simply won’t because of how slippy it is, it is simple enough to place a little cat litter and drive.

Instant frost removal

Mix up a little bit of water and vinegar and pour that over your icy car and the frost should cease immediately. This comes in very handy when you wake up on those cold mornings late for work, just to discover that your vehicle is covered in ice.

Mouse proof

Make sure no mice ever get into your car by placing dryer sheets underneath the hood. In cold weather, your car looks very inviting to every small animal.

Prevent frost

If you want to make sure your car doesn’t freeze shut, spray a layer of cooking oil and wipe it down, frost won’t cling and stick them now

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