8 Hacks to save fuel consumption
8 Hacks to save fuel consumption

Trying to save up for that diesel? But ironically your petrol money is slowing you down…?

It’s a hard venture but with these 8 efficient ways you’ll be saving money and that wallet will begin to get wadded up, every venture would be an easy one, especially when you have no eye strain with The CARIFEX® Premium LED Headlight Bulb Sets and the CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight Sets

Aerodynamics is a real thing

Believe it or not, keeping your window open really does lose you more petrol than you think.

The pressure from the wind circulating inside adds up force for your car to drag, using up more gas to do so.

Lighten yourself

The heavier your car, the more diesel you lose, simply as, whether it’s inside the car, in the boot, on the rack above or even under the heel.

Anything heavy in the car that’s unnecessary for your current travel or destination could be removed, temporarily set aside in your house for the purpose of saving you gas.

Car check

Maintenance on your car is always important, give your car a check make sure you are using the correct oil that should be identified in the handbook.

Deflated tyres

Low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption more than you think, even having a single deflated tyre will kill off your petrol and you could risk damaging your car.

Fill them tyres up, you’ll even notice the comfort after you do, a smoother ride is safer and will reduce fuel consumption.

Air conditioning

Air-con uses fuel, simple, I’m sure you knew that, still, when the sun is beating down and the heat is too much to handle, is it better to have your window open or the AC on?

For high-speed driving have the Air-con on, and for driving around town roll down the windows, in a nutshell whenever you feel the wind slapping your face; that’s when you should close your windows and turn on the AC.

Keep it slow

Driving at 70mph rather than 60mph consumes around 9% of fuel more, imagine the amount of gas you can save if you decide to keep it slow instead.

Driving at 70mph rather than 80mph saves more than around 20%, that’s a lot; keep this in mind, especially when driving gradual is an option.

Driving better

The less you brake and accelerate, the less fuel you’ll use.

The better you anticipate your road decision, the smoother you’ll execute them, avoid having to catch up in heavy traffic, be aware at all times, this will not only save you fuel but make you a more experienced driver.

This also applies to speed bumps driving at a continuous slow pace rather than speeding up after the bump will reduce consumption.

Make sure you can see the road ahead to help you do so, it’s no good if your visibility is staining, try the CARIFEX® Premium LED Headlight Bulb Sets To enable visibility in the dark.

It is much more efficient for you to move up your gears and drop your rev count, using them sooner than later will stop the need to rev as much and save petrol.


An automatic car uses a lot more fuel than a manual, However, modern cars have advanced and some automatics or semi-autos save more money.

 It is advised to check your car fuel consumption before purchase and making a guided decision based on your length of travel and the cost of gas from a specific car.

Not to be blunt but walking would also save you money, you can manually move your legs if you have the time on short-distance journeys

I sincerely hope these basic yet effective measures will save you fuel, sow and you will reap. If you are struggling to see in the dark or your headlights are not good enough, treat yourself on our sale 

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