Premium LED Headlight - H1

Carifex headlights bulb Premium LED Headlight - H1
Carifex headlights bulb Premium LED Headlight - H1
Carifex headlights bulb Premium LED Headlight - H1
Carifex headlights bulb Premium LED Headlight - H1

Premium LED Headlight - H1

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"Best lights I have bought well worth the price." - Jose G.

Does a foggy, rainy, snowy, or overcast day cause you driving anxiety? OR Do you struggle with poor vision when driving on those dark roads? 

At times, relying on your standard car lights to brighten up your path can be a deadly mistake. One quick error in judgement might result in your car being totalled, or even you sustaining major injuries – and all that because you couldn’t see what’s a few inches ahead of you!


 Be smart. Get the Premium LED Car Headlights Bulbs Today.

There is no need to put your safety in danger anymore. You can now have the ultimate driving accessory to fight the elements like a pro!

Our Premium LED Headlights is your best choice to make driving smarter and easier than ever before!

Here are some of its incredible benefits: 


Some features Of Our Premium LED Headlights

  • 300% Brighter Light Emission

THREE times brighter than your standard halogen lamp and 50% brighter than your car’s current headlights, these super bright Car LED Headlight Bulbs will increase your field of view, making it so much easier to see ahead of you while you driving.


  • 72W / 8000LM: With Higher Brightness Comes Greater Power!

Incredibly energy efficient, these Car LED Headlight Bulbs have the perfect wattage-to-light intensity ratio, emitting ultra-bright, 8000 LM, 6500K cool white light, which has a glow-like effect that makes everything within sight appear well-defined and perfectly clear!


  • 270°/360°Adjustable Beam Pattern For Maximum Light Penetration

No matter the conditions you may encounter while driving, these Car LED Headlight Bulbs will be your greatest ally in helping you arrive at your destination safe and sound! Choose between Hi or Low beam headlight to illuminate your surroundings with a crisp clear, well-spread, brilliant white beam, which will allow you to drive safer, particularly at night.


  • Stronger Heat-Sink Effect, Longer Life

Technically speaking, if you use your brand-new Car LED Headlight Bulbs for 2 hours per day, they can LITERALLY last you for 40 YEARS!


  • Mother-Nature Proof For All Your Great Adventures

Our Premium LED Headlight Bulbs are waterproof and dustproof, meaning that they are safe against any water splashes or dust clouds you might encounter while cruising with your car during your off-road cruising or trips through the wilderness!

Item Specifications ( The Boring Stuff )

Color Temperature ( k ) = 6,500K
Wattage = 72watt/set, 36 watt per bulb
Voltage = 12v/24v
Lumens = 8,000 lumens/set 4,000 lumens per bulb
1 Year Warranty

What’s In The Box?

1 Pair Premium LED Headlight - H1
1x English installation manual
3- 5 Day Express Shipping ( Guaranteed Delivery )

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