CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight - 9003/H4

CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight - 9003/H4

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CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight - 9003/H4

CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight - 9003/H4

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  • What's worse than driving with a dim headlight? It's having burnt out 9003/H4 bulbs in the middle of the night! Imagine the potential danger of traversing roads in the dark. Your 9003/H4 headlights should be the least of your worries, especially when you thought you have already replaced those bulbs in recent memory.

    Everything that you ever wished for a proper 9003/H4 headlight, these mini LED bulbs deliver – and more.

    Canbus Built 9003/H4 Headlights

    If you want to ensure that your car gets a steady of supply of light, then switch to these Canbus Built LED 9003/H4 headlights. It produces a more powerful glow while keeping the 9003/H4 bulb cool, thanks to its aluminium heat sink and turbo cooling fans. Heat dissipates all the time, so you can say goodbye to busted 9003/H4 bulbs.

    No Flickering, Error-Free LED 9003/H4 Lights

    These premium LED 9003/H4 headlights are equipped with an EMC intelligent drive that prevents error code of dashboard. It adapts well to your car's computer and electrical system. Hence, you can be sure that there will be no flickering LED 9003/H4 headlights. It also does not interfere with your radio signals.

    Lifetime Warranty (for its Advanced New LED Imported CSP Chip)

    Each 9003/H4 bulb is made from imported LED chips that illuminate 400% brighter than regular halogen bulbs. The result is a more energy-efficient light, saving you fuel while enhancing optical density. You get 95% brighter light that is enough to clear dark spots on the road.

    Focused Beam Pattern

    Whether you need to adjust to a low or high beam, these premium LED 9003/H4 headlights reflect its luminescence in an accurate angle. The condensed light output helps prevent blinding oncoming traffic, making you a safer citizen on the road.

    Mini-sized Design

    Wondering how to install? It's so easy! These mini LED 9003/H4 bulbs fit perfectly on most vehicle housing models without having issues with reinstalling your dust cover. No complicated twisting needed, just plug and play!

    Waterproof/Snow-Proof Design

    With an IP68 rating, you can be sure that these mini LED 9003/H4 headlights are waterproof. Each 9003/H4 bulb is finished with a hermetic seal. Its ingress protection is dust tight and airtight, strong enough to withstand underwater immersion for an amount of time. So if you're worrying about driving long hours through rain and snow, these 9003/H4 lights will never fail you.

    It's well-built and tough enough to last for years. Order today to avail our awesome deals:

    Item Specifications ( The Boring Stuff )

    Color Temperature ( k ) = 6,500K Wattage = 100watt/set, 50 watt per 9003/H4 bulb Voltage = 12v/24v Vehicles. Lumens = 10,000 lumens/set 5,000 lumens per 9003/H4 bulb Lifetime Warranty What's In The Box?

    CARIFEX® Non-Flickering LED Headlight - 9003/H4 ( 1 pair )