Dark Driving? What is the Procedure?

Posted December 5, 2020 06:54
Dark Driving? What is the Procedure?

“Tis’ the season to be jolly”
Tis’ also the season where accidents and collisions happen the most; driving home from work when it’s dark or the weather constantly beating down and fogging up doesn’t make it easier.

No one likes being in the dark, 11% of Americans have nyctophobia (fear of the dark), that's more than the fear of heights, but being afraid of the dark is a logical fear, how can you defend yourself without visibility? avoid potholes or stepping on your neighbours’ dogs litter?

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fret no more, your risky days are over, here's our ultimate guide to ensure your utmost safety:

Be aware of where you’re looking

Commonly applied to driving regardless of the setting, however, it’s not unusual for you to stare at another car’s headlight and get dazzled, getting an impaired vision while driving is near suicide, at night it’s only more likely.

Avoid staring into headlights, if your vision does happen to falter, remember not to panic, stay in your lane, slow down, but don’t stop abruptly, remaining aware of cars behind you, pull over and relax until your vision and head until they are clear once again.

The most vulnerable at night

Young children and elderly are particularly vulnerable this time of year, they are harder to see and sometimes may not be detected especially if they’re wearing something dark like a Halloween costume or a trench coat.

Keep a keen eye out for them and cyclist that don’t have a light attached to them, it's an easy possibility for a cyclist to jump out from nowhere to right in front, keep a guard at all times.

Just don’t if you can’t

That coffee should’ve worked, right? Or at least the red bull, you'll only know once you’ve fallen asleep on the wheel.

Any migraines, headache or fatigue should defect you from driving, wait for your head and thoughts to be stable again before getting behind the wheel, take the right medication if need be.

don't take the risk, if your head has a splitting headache mid-maneuver, the outcome may be severe. 

Are you carrying the right gear?

Preparing for a journey or drive is a survival instinct, a gift we’re blessed with; make sure you have a torch, preferably a head torch for better accessibility if the time arrives, a blanket or warm clothing stored in the boot, a mobile charger and sure enough your mobile charged, a better precaution is a stored battery bank, and an ice-remover or ice-pick for temperature drops.

Don't forget snacks if you're up for a long travel! don't want to be starving unless your saving yourself for that thanksgiving dinner...


As with every other life skill, driving can be improved with practice, hone your driving and keep on top of it, actively try to improve your driving, this will boost your confidence and give you a better a chance when driving at night.

Having a experienced friend review your driving and report your mistakes could go a long way, that way you'll be aware of them and refrain from making that mistake again, whether from embarrassment or dedication.

Eye test

No one or nothing can help you if all you need are glasses but you’re being stubborn to get checked, go get your eyes checked out, visit your local optometrist or even an ophthalmologist if need be.

did that sign say 30 or 40? the blurry glance wasn't enough and you could get flashed and fined by the end of the week.

Window check

Cloudy views and condensation blocks more sight than Juul pod users, give your screen a wipe or crank up the AC, make sure your windows are clear to look through and your fluid levels are in check to clean it again.

Light check

Driving without functioning headlights is against the law, Make sure they are all working to avoid getting pulled over or worse.

When driving your dipped headlight must be on an hour before sunset to the hour after sunset.

Switch to full beam on a full country road to see the road and paths more clearer, switch back to dipped beam when encountering another driver to ensure you don’t dazzle them... 

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